digital health

Our purpose is to improve the health and quality of life of patients. Patients are our priority. Each problem has a solution that we make unique.

We are dedicated to patients

We believe that the true purpose of medical care is patient care. Together with patients, we create solutions to their needs, the patients motivate us to create more meaningful experiences. Our patients shape our ideas. When we make patients our priority, everything else fits.


The digital is in our DNA

We have a digital vocation and passion for technology. We create applications for mobile devices, we are proud to help leading the transformation of the process of obtaining informed consent through the use of digital support. We generate technological solutions, virtual environments, augmented reality, interactive projects, medical illustrations, stories, etc.

We create creative projects according to the needs of the patient and the market.

We collaborate with companies to jointly develop products that achieve health outcomes and help patients, boosting visibility and relevance in an increasingly complex environment.

- We work for patient empowerment.

- We generate creative solutions tailored in the healthcare environment.

- We create significant experiences in medical education with the participation of the patient.

- We make the health experience positive.

Platform Consent


Consent helps the patient to understand the content of the informed consent

Ebers provides comprehensive support material to the study team and to the patients.

Our videos are easy to use, they explain in a simple way the complex medical information, facilitating the patient's understanding of the information presented during the process of obtaining informed consent.

Consent is part of a definitive solution platform, intuitive and easy to use.

The videos guide all users by adapting to the particular needs of the trial.

Consent promueve un alto cumplimiento al adaptarse a las necesidades de cada población de pacientes y área terapéutica.

Con conectividad global y soporte para cualquier idioma, la plataforma permite a los pacientes ver el video en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar. La plataforma facilita la exploración y simplifica la revisión de los datos recopilados de cualquier módulo.