therapeutic areas

We collaborate with leading companies in each industrial segment all with unique and specific needs.

Ebers team has experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas. Through our experience we have established solid working relationships with some of the most reputed life science companies and hospitals in the world and have gained access to a broad range of clinical sites and patients. We have developed longstanding relationships with the leading investigators.

Our knowledge and experience help us deliver high-quality data, on time and within budget.

Ebers focuses its in-house scientific and medical competence within seen core therapeutic areas:

Rare Diseases

Looking for new therapies and support that can help the patient.

Infectious Diseases

Expanded experience in HIV, and HBV and HCV diseases.

Medical Devices

Our experience spans multiple medical device and diagnostics categories, especially in Cardiology and Neuromodulation areas.


Looking for new therapies for Psoriasis, Autoimmune Rheumatic disorders, Dermatitis and Dermatologic ulcers.

Oncology/ Hematology

We meet the needs for the range of Hematology and Oncology-related therapeutic indications.